I am from Shanghai China,21 years old,work for a trading company.

the left in red with a big bag is me,the day when we graduated from Shanghai University,we take this picture

i like to make a friend with you who can pratise my poor english,and make a good progress together !
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Hi Jessica !
I am from France and maybe we can become friends...
I add you on msn.
See you ! (I hope)
Hey shanghai ! please add my contact. YM: <removed by a mod. Please write it in your profile.> or hotmail: <removed>

I'm Lee from vietnam hiii. I want to make friend with u and anybody. Thanks
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hey u are soo cute .

wlecome E/F have fun [URL= ][/URL]
No no no don't be friends with them be my friend.Emotion: smile I am the only girl here who replied your post.Emotion: stick out tongue By the way, welcome to EnglishForward!
i really like the girl with black
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hi jessica

my name is erman...nice to meet you Emotion: smile
nice to meet you....

now i am in china,can you tell your qq number to me ?or msn is ok too.
hello! i want to improve my english. who can try using skype
my skype my is <removed by a mod. Please write it in your profile.>
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