Don't you think it's time you ___ ?
a. were leaving
b. will leave
c. are left
d. have left

What's the correct answer? (EXPLAIN pls)
were leaving

It's not past tense though, it's subjunctive mood. Subjunctive is kind of like a proclamation. You're basically SUGGESTING that the person should leave.

I second thatEmotion: smile
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Yeah, I am suggesting you made a move. It's time you made a move.
e.g. it's time you moved on.Emotion: smile
I'm a bit puzzled. Should "suggest" be used this way:

"He suggested (that) I (should) make a move."

Both "that" and "should" could be skipped.
Then why "I am suggesting you made a move" is correct?
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supposed to be ' make 'Emotion: smile

Not because the ' should ' is omitted, it is not there at all.