Hi everyone.

Which is more natural?

1, It's time to go bed.

2, It's time to go to bed.

Both are grammatically correct, aren't they?
Recently I feel #1 is more natural like 'go home' not 'go to home'.

Hi LiJ

"It's time to go to bed" is correct. As Pucca mentioned, "It's time for bed" is also correct.

The sentence with 'home' is different. "It's time to go home" is correct.
I think the second one is the correct one:P, but, what about "It's time for bed"? Does that mean the same?
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Hi Amy and Pucca

Thank you very much. Emotion: big smile


It's "go to bed." I'm a native English speaker in the United States, and I've never heard another native English speaker say, "go bed."

Both "time to go to bed" and "time for bed" are very commonly used.

I don't know why we use "to" in "go to bed" but not in "go home." English is inconsistent!

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