Hi guys,
can you please help me with the meaning of one sentence? Context: Two girls are having a girl's night in the bar, they're really enjoying it. Then another two guys ordered them couple of drinks, one of that girl was excited, but that second girl felt strange about it, she answered: "Come on, a strange guy buys you a drink. The next thing you know, they're making a Jackie suit in the basement." Then they both smiled. {End}
Please is "they're making Jackie suit in basement" just another way of saying "they're raping you in the basement" ???? Or did she say just, "the next think you know, that they have a shop with Jackie suits in the basement"???
Name of that suit, Jackie, probably refers to Jackie Kennedy...that's why I think that it could have something to do with the violence, but I'm not sure.

many thanks in advance

Best Regards
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Sounds odd to me. Did you read this or hear it? If you heard it, are you sure you heard it correctly?

It's obviously a sexual reference of some kind.
Did you somehow mishear the word 'ejaculation'? ( e- Jack-ulation)

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Hi Clive,
thank you for reply. It's the scene from the episode of Without a Trace....I found a link with the whole episode....

That mentioned situation is at 19:20
Please check it out and let me know...Emotion: smile, whether I heard correctly or not..:-)

thank you again for help

Best Regards
Okay, I watched the clip and that seems to be what she says. Then I googled "Jackie suits," and it wasn't very helpful. The best I can come up with is that after Kennedy's assasination, Jackie continued to wear her blood-covered suit for the rest of the day and it was in all the photographs and became very famous. So maybe the woman is saying "they will cause your clothing to be covered in blood." It's certainly not any common idiom.
Perfect, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Emotion: smile...Amazing...[Y] Many thanks khoff!!!!
I thought that she was making a joke about the guys who're selling the Jackie suits, 'cause this seems to be some kind of the women fashion in US. At least according the google, but as Clive mentioned, it sounded a little weird. But your explanation seems to be the right one..[Y]
thank you again
Best Regards
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This is a good mystery question. I listened, and I heard what you heard.

I don't buy that it's a reference to Jackie Kennedy. A woman of the speaker's age wouldn't make a very quick and casual reference to events that seem like ancient history to many people now. And such a reference does not make a lot of sense, anyway.

How about this? I havn't seen the show, but I got the impression the speaker's name was Jackie and that she got kidnapped. 'They buy you a couple of drinks, and next thing you know they're making a Jackie suite in the basement', ie holding you in a room in the basement. The actress could have just mispronounced the word 'suite'.

Yeah, I know, it's still a bit of a stretch. She's not likely to refer casually to something like that.

Can you watch the video again with captions turned on?

JC -- can you tell us which episode of which season this is from? I could try to find out more about it, but I see that the show is in its seventh season and I have no idea which episode it is.
Hi guys,
It's Season 7, episode 2.
thank you guys again for help. I really appreciate it.

Best Regards

PS: Name of the speaker was Sara and she was the one who was kidnapped. That other girl name was Jackie. And she was the one who was excited about that two drinks. I've seen whole episode and they never mentioned something special about her suits, so phrase "Jackie suit" isn't probably referring to her. As Clive mentioned, it was kinda weird situation. Emotion: smile But Khoff's explanation seems to be the good one.
thanks again
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