Dear teachers,

Would you please tell me who is Jean Libman Block? I couldn't find her biography on the net. Is she an American journalist or biographer? Is this how you pronounce her name ?

/ʤi:n libmən blɔk/

See you soon,

Hi Hela,

She seems to be a author from the 60s and 70s. Here's a link to a list of books she authored or co-authored.

I've never heard of her before. The name "Jean" rhymes with lean or mean. I would say lib-mun. And Block, of course, rhymes with sock or lock.
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Thank you, Barbara
Dear Barbara,

Jean Libman Block is my mother. She is in her 90s and living in Venice, FL.

I'm not sure of the date of the above exchange but am writing as I just saw it.

My mom was a very prolific magazine writer and the first woman president of the Society of Magazine Writers, though this assoc. has since changed its name.

She was articles editor of Good Housekeeping for years, mainly in the 1980s, I would say, and she interviewed a number of First Ladies over the years.

For any more information, please write to me.


Elizabeth Block

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