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Hi Robyn & dave,

Thank you very much for your corrections and I have learned to use the english in a little more effective manner.

Hi folks, Blood and Water in this case is LITERAL. Not symbolic. When the body goes through a traumatic experience, the body generates liquid to protect the organ being attacked. Think of what happens when you touch something hot. Your body rushes water, to the effected area to protect the skin. Think of your knee or your head after a traumatic blow, your body swells in that area or you develop a bump. If you were to pierce that area, you would get clear liquid.

In Jesus' case, His body had been beaten, brutalized, scourged, then forced to carry his own cross. Both his lungs and the trauma occuring to His heart was taking a toll and the body rushed liquid to protect or soothe the area. Your heart is incased in a clear sack between the heart itself and the lungs. That area naturally filled up with liquid because of the rapid pumping and stress His whole body was going through. His heart AND maybe His lungs were literally filled with clear liquid, seperate from the blood. When the spear pierced his lung and heart chamber, the body expelled both water and blood suddenly.

The pressure the heart chamber had from the liquid build up must have been extreme to expel fast enough so that the blood didn't have enough time to mix with his blood. Hence you can visibly see both blood and clear liquid. I myself have had liquid drained from my knees after sport injuries. I've also burned my skin several times from touching something hot and popped the blister that develops soon after.

Hope this helps.
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