In John 19:34

"Instead one of the Soldiers pierced Jesus' side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of Blood and water." (NIV)

Here what does water refers to?

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St. John used a lot of symbolism in his Gospel. This from: http://www.searchgodsword.org/com/bcc/view.cgi?book=joh&chapter=019

The most reasonable interpretations, as viewed here, are those of Augustine and Leo, as follows:

The sleep of the man (Adam) was the death of Christ; for when he hung lifeless on the cross, his side was pierced by the spear, and thence flowed forth blood and water, which we know to be the sacraments (baptism and the Lord's Supper), by which the church, the antitype of Eve, is built up.
When the side of the Crucified was opened by the soldier's spear let the impugner of Christ's person understand whence flowed the blood and the water, that the church of God might be refreshed both by the laver (baptism) and the cup (the Lord's supper).
I am poured out like water ...
from Psa. 22:14 was also fulfilled by the event mentioned in this verse. As noted above, the great ordinances of the faith, baptism and the Lord's supper, typified by this issue from the side of Jesus, made it appropriate to observe that, in a sense, the church itself thus came forth from Jesus' side, as Eve, the type of the church, came from Adam's side; and, as the guilt (through the woman) came out of Adam's side, so salvation came out of the side of the Second Adam (Christ).
I undersatand that when someone has been dead a while, the blood starts to separate so that when it flows out it appears like blood and water. I have been told that this was how the Roman soldiers showed that a bloke was well and truly dead.
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Hi Robyn,

Me too, I was told the same about this. But how do u understand the post above yours?

Dave's post is refering to the symbolic meanings that can be drawn from the blood and water.
What he says could be correct also, it has to do with the spiritual messages that one can get from the event.
I was just talking about what happened in the physical.


Thats right too. Ofcourse his statement is correct when dealing spiriturally. But even in bible its mentioned its to check whether JESUS died or not. If he might not have died they would have broken any of his bones and if this would have happened then the words of bible would have gone wrong.

PS: If i have any mistakes kindly accept my apology and correct me.

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As for the physics of it, I found this commentary:


There came out blood and water ...
There has to be some element of the miraculous in this. Naturalistic explanations have some plausibility, as for example that of Dr. Stroud quoted by Westcott, who supposed that "the blood rapidly separated into its more solid and liquid parts, which flowed forth in a mingled stream." But the trouble with that explanation is that blood serum is not water; and there is also the time factor, there having been insufficient time for such a separation to have taken place. In addition, as Westcott pointed out, "the separation of the blood into its constituent parts is a process of corruption." The Father did not permit the Holy One to see corruption (Psalms 16:10 ).

King RobinRobyn

Thats right as well. Of course his statement is correct when dealing with the spiritural aspect. But even in bible it mentioned that it is to check whether JESUS (Why have you put his name in capitals?) died or not. If he might not have died they would have broken his bones and if this had happened, then the words of bible would have been wrong.

PS: If i have any mistakes kindly accept my apology and correct me.

It's a complicated sentence, King Robin. Here are my corrections:

That's right, too. Of course his statement is correct when dealing with it spiritually. But even in the Bible it is mentioned that it's to check whether Jesus died or not. If he had not been dead they would have broken his bones, and if this ('this' means, if his bones had been broken) had happened, the prophecy in the Old Testament would have been wrong.
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