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Desert Lord

Hey, I never notive that religion can be agood topic for practising English ?

are you sure ?

Sorry typo,

Hey !! I never know that religion can be a good topic for practising English !!
Desert Lord
Desert LordPlease guys , don’t swamped into this details … all of it is history written by liars ! , and god is bigger than this stupid details even Muslims have the biggest liars in the world who wrote "sahih al bokare" for them !.

Please guys , lets spending our time in thing to build this world ( for god ) then talking like this !

If history was indeed written by liars than we might as well stop teaching it in school otherwise we will soon corrupt our young ones....

there is small details , and big event ,,,, so don,t confused between them ...Emotion: smile
I am not nor have I ever been confused about history, big or small. Emotion: smile
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Grammar GeekAn off-topic comment, based on a question:
Kabayan1. "Don't swamped into this details." is this expression commonly used in English ? If it is, I would use it as one of "ornament" in my speech or writing.

In America, it's don't get "mired in the details" or "bogged down in the details. The same general meaning - you can picture yourself in a very muddy area - a swamp - and you can't get through because the details are holding your feet and not allowing you to get to your objective. Swamp and bog are very similar to anyone who is not a farmer or conservationist.

Many thanks Grammar Geek ! I apreciate that. You're so informative. Emotion: smile

Hope to see your other posts.