hey, do Jewish people wish themselves merry Christmas? How 'bout Jews in the USA, is that OK to wish Jewish American merry Christmas?
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Christmas is seen by Christians as a time to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus. Most people nowadays see it as a time of sharing and festivity. To many it is just a very special time.
I kinda know what Christmas is about. I also know that Jewish people dont believe in Jesus Christ hence my incertitude whether is OK to wish them merry Christmas. I dont mean to imply anything, Im only curious to know.

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Oh darlin’ I’m laughin’ so hard but I don’t want to be rude. But I will anyway. Jewish people adore Christmas; who do you think owns all the bestest shops!!!
Happy to made you laugh so hard Aileen, hope you didnt fell off chair or somethin.
Now I understand why the orthodox Jews arent really crazy about Christmas - they simply dont own the bestest shops!!! aint that right darlin??

have a nice shopping darlin!
I’m sorry, I’m laughing at a stereotype that’s been played out over and over again in popular entertainment with harmless intent. It’s a corny joke, I thought it was benign. Sorry that you took it so hard darlin’.
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You seem to imply you know the answer to your question. So why ask? We are trying to answer your question as best we know. Why not ask Someone who is Jewish? Have a good day.
Hey-- I'm a Jew from the US.. and we don't wish ourselves a merry christmas.. lol.. do you wish yourself a happy hanukah? or a happy kwanza? Unless we're joking around with friends.. it's a no. It's ok to say merry christmas to a jew tho.. we don't mind.. I like christmas.. not for the jesusness of it.. but for the season. It's a nice time of year. In the US usually u'll find people saying happy holidays.. because of course we're all concerned with political correctness.. but its fine to say it to us
What is hanukah and what is kwanza? Thank you for putting us in the picture. The Jews I know see Christmas as a holiday to be enjoyed and respect it as a time some Christians give special importance to. Cheers.
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