can you correct my writting

------You have seen an advertisement for a weekend job as a local tour guide showing visitors around your city .

Write a letter of application to the tourism office .

dear sir or madam

iam writting a apply for a tour guide showing visitors around my country . i believe i can do it very well because this is my job i want to do when i was a children . i like to show for visistors about my country . iam interested in history and culture ,but one of it is a my financial. i think i can do the job because my english is so good . iam able to tell different 4 languages . example english, korean, spanish and japan . it's possible to interact with foreign people . i've known a lot of history so i may introduce to them.

Recently, i have done in tour guide in travle agency , i have experience with some visitors . i understand what should they want , how they should be ..

i hope you will consider me for this post and iam looking forward to hearing from you a happy news.

yours sincerely


This is an exercise in English. You will get a very poor mark because it is full of mistakes.
Here are the blatant errors, violating the most elementary rules of grammar. You must correct them yourself and then repost your revised version.

  1. "i" is the ninth letter of the alphabet. It is not a person. Never write "i" unless you are writing about letters of the alphabet.
  2. Every sentence must begin with a capital letter.
  3. Proper nouns must be capitalized. Names of languages are proper nouns.
  4. Do not put a space before the punctuation marks comma, full stop, and others.
  5. "Children" is more than one little person. Were you ever two or three people?