Could you please check my job application letter and correct my mistakes? Thanks a lot!!!

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10 *** ****
London, *** ***


22 April 2013 or
22th April 2013

Dear Hiring Manager,

RE: Database Administrator (reference: NAIT4949)

I am writing to apply for the database administrator position advertised on the fish4.co.uk on 28th March (28/03/2013). I enclose my CV for your consideration.

As you will see from my CV I have a lot of experience working with Oracle and SQL Server database. Last year I was responsible for reorganization of the entire database at the London Academy of IT. I stayed in this job until December 2012.

Last three months I worked in a team for the German research company that provides services for many large companies worldwide. Furthermore, I am organize and reliable and I believe that my strong technical experience will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.

Now I feel ready for more responsibility and more challenging work. I hope my application is successful. I would welcome the opportunity to continue my career in a university that have such a good reputation and it is so dynamic and ambitious.

Please feel free to contact me an any tame to arrange an interview with me. I can be reached via e-mail at *****.***********@yahoo.com or my cell phone, ***-***-****.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward hearing from you soon.


****** *********
******** *********

Some comments:
1) Date at top: either style is OK but I prefer 22nd April (not 22th!)
2) "on the fish4.co.uk on 28th March" - either on the ... website, or no "the". And be consistent with style of dates.
3) "Oracle and SQL Server database" - Is it only 1 database?
4) "responsible for reorganization of the entire database" - either responsible for the reorganization of... or responsible for reorganizing the... I prefer the latter.
5) "Last three months I worked in a team" - For the last three months I have been working in a team...
6) " the German research company" - for a German...
7) "I am organize" - organized
8) "a university that have such" - a university that has such
9) "and it is so dynamic and ambitious. " - no "it"
10) "any tame " - time

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