Hi everyone, I am a filipina and im new immigrant here in Missouri. and im having trouble of my english because i cannot speak well just like an american. I have a job interview tomorrow and i really dont know what to do because of my poor english..Please somebody could help me! Thank you
First of all, consider tomorrow's job interview good practice for future ones. Believe that you will have many more interviews if this one does not work out.

Next, dress well, be calm (even if you don't feel so inside!), and shake hands. Be sure to look the person in the eye, smile occasionally, and take your time in answering questions.

Finally, show that you are willing to learn. Are you taking an ESL course? Are you learning English in some other way? If so, be sure to say so.

I wish you the best of luck. If you like, please let us know how you did!
I think Verade gave you some good advice!

I think it's also completely okay to say something like "I'm a little nervous because my English is still a work in progress" as you get going, so they person will (I hope) try to remember to speak a little more slowly and clearly.

Everyone is nervous in a job interview. I like also that Verade reminds you that even if this one doesn't go perfectly, it's good practice.

If you are taking any ESL courses, perhaps you can ask your instructor to do role playing with you to help you feel more prepared. Even if you're not taking classes, have someone else pretend to interview you so you can practice forming your answers. Even people who do speak English as their native language do this!
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Hi Vera,

Thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate it, i am just concern what will be my husband's reaction if i did not pass on the interview but as im saying even if im not good in english as long as i try, right?Now, im reading all the Interview tips but i still didnt know how to work on it, i mean it's easy to read but hard to do!And i am not taking an ESL course yet because i am new here in my husband's place:(

One more i concern is that im stuttering everytime i had a interview, well in philippines it is no big deal because i can speak english at the same time mix with my native language.

Thanks a lot!

Find a private place (I use the bathroom if there are too many people at home!) and take a deep breath. Then practice a few of the tips, slowly. Take your time.

Tomorrow before the interview take a deep breath also, hold that breath for a moment and then let it out very, very slowly. It will calm you.

If you do not understand something, be sure to ask what the person means: "I'm not sure I understand. Could you tell me more please?"

Remember to say thank you at the end of the interview. And remember to smile!

I will be thinking of you--good luck Amy!
I was thinking of you today. Warm wishes for your success.
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I'm so disappointed at myself for not passing the Interview, I was so nervous and blushing all the time. I cant even elaborate on the things i want to say. I just answered shortly the questions he asked me, i think i didnt explain that well!I hate myself because why i cant be like anybody who can talk efficiently, yes i know basic words but living here in foreign country its not enough.Funny thing about my Interview is that Manager asked me if what will i be in next 5 years from now and you know what i answered, I want to be one of the stockholders of this company....So embarassing:(

I know i should'nt say that....But i wanna thank you guys for giving me confidence on my interview. One thing i realized is that i should take it seriously of learning, practicing and everything about speaking well in english.

Wishing you all the best guys!

Amy in phils.
Amy, please don't be too upset with yourself! EVERYONE - including native speakers - is nervous in an interview. It's a very unnatural situation.

My former coworker told me her son was in an interview and they asked why he didn't do a co-op (a work program) while he was in school and he blurted out the truth: He just couldn't get himself organized enough to apply. As soon as he'd said that (instead of something like "needed to get through college sooner for financial reasons" instead of "I'm not very organized") he knew there was no point in continuing.

Now you have a better sense of what to expect the next time, and you can feel more prepared. It was a learning experience, that's all.