I must meet the John.

John refers to WC.

I wonder what is the origin of that?

How on earth John turned out to be refering to WC.

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"The/a John" is standard code for a prostitute's customer.
Do you mean "hit the john" in which case it would make sense that "john" refers to a toilet.
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Thanks Avangi
Thanks Ivanhr.

Does hit the john have different meaning from see the John?

I think both of them mean that a person needs to go to the restroom.
"Hit the john" is slang for going to a restroom. To see the John means what Avangi explained (a prostitute's client).
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I suppose a prostitute can go to a toilet to see the John.
You're right, Ivanhr. My grandmother used to use the WC expression. I thought about it, but never made the "John" connection - especially with the capital. Emotion: embarrassed

When I left the thread, I was still thinking, "What the heck is he talking about?"
I looked up "john" in my dictionary of slang. You would be surprised just how many meanings it has. It can refer to a toilet, a prostitutes client a policeman and the jack in poker, to name but a few.Emotion: surprise

The use of "john" to refer to a toilet is apparently due to its inventor. The flush toilet was invented by John Crapper of Great Britain. People also use "Crapper" almost as often as they do "John." The word "crap" has also been used for many years, derived from the same source.
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