Back in the police station I can hear the slow tap-tap of one-finger typing as a clerk ever so slowly fills out a report on a rusting typewriter.
A yellowing wanted poster of war crimes suspects hangs on the wall.

And then the John Bull printing kit springs to mind. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

What is John Bull printing kit?
I think you'll find a description here:


It used to be a printing kit for children.
The 'family newspaper'. Inky fingerprints on expensive fabrics. Little rubbery Qs turning up in the bathroom.

We have something to thank Mr Gates for.

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These links should give you an idea about John Bull printing kits which essentially were small printing kits for home use:

see The "Jamboree" Printing Set on this page for an explanation of printing kits:

"This type of printing required individual characters to be assembled and 'set' within a frame, by using tweezers to slide each letter at a time into a wooden grove. The block was then pressed onto an inkpad and an ink impression transferred onto pieces of paper. The principle is identical to Printing Sets made under the very common 'John Bull' trademark and I am sure this set too was made by them."
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