I am doing a project about John Oxley and i need to answer those following questions:

1.Who and what did he take with him?

like in every expedition he did what and who did he take with him.

2.What challenges did he face?

In every expedition, what challenges or problems he faced.

3.Places named and why?

If he named a place, what are they and why did he name it like that.

4. Rewards gained for his achievements?

did he get any rewards for exploring something or finding a river or a place. Then what was it the reward.

Analyse- Effectiveness as explorer?

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Here are some useful links to look at.




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Actually i've already done A LOT of searching and i've already read those website you gave me but couldn't find the answer, so that's why i posted these questions because i needed some help.

I don't need someone to do my work because then i won't learn anything but i need some help because the questions i posted, i couldn't find a good answer to them.

So could you please help me to find another website which actually can help me.

Thank you

Perhaps you should reread these sources more carefully. In Wikipedia, I saw some information on challenges, and also on places he named and why.

I'd never heard of John Oxley before this.

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yup i've got that information Emotion: big smile

But what i mean is like he name the Hasting River and some other ones which i couldn't find why he named it like that.

Yeh there was some challenges like marshland blocked his way and such but what i needed is to find a bit more on challenges Emotion: smile

Thanks a lot thought Emotion: smile Emotion: big smile

I will try my best on searching more