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Quite funny, I can't wait any more for the coming ones. Carry on!
little johny was in class. the teacher wanted the students to go through the alphabet a through z and say a sentence with each letter. so the teacher says who wants to go first? little johny raises his hand oooh oooh oooh me. the teacher thinks little johny has a dirty mind he will proboly say ass for the letter A so she picks dale. dale stands up and says A apples i like apples. teacher says good job dale who wants to do the letter B. little johny raises his hand and says oooh oooh oooh me. teacher thinks he will say bitch so she picks britney. britney stands up and says B boats i like boats. long story short they get to the letter W. little johny realy wants this one oooh oooh me. the teacher thinks they dont have too many bad words with W but there is whore yet kids these days dont use that word much anymore so she says go ahead johny. johny stands up and says whoom W whoom the teacher says oh thats sweet your mothers whoom. johny says no i mean whoom two elephants fucking whoom whoom!l
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