Please tell me how can I write a joining letter or report (format and example), I am joining a new job (lecturer)
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Hi Mahi,

Welcome to the Forum.

I don't know what you mean by a joining letter. Perhaps this is something that is normally done in your culture but not in my mine.

Can you explain? Why do you have to write this letter? Who do you write it to?

Best wishes, Clive
plz send me a sample joining report to a university at<email address removed by a mod. Please write it in your profile.>
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Hi Atif,

Welcome to the Forum.

Firstly, as I noted above, I don't know exactly what a joining report is. Perhaps you might like to answer my questions above?

Secondly, we don't write reports or letters for people. We look at what people have written themselves, and then try to give them helpful comments.

Best wishes, Clive
I got an offer from one company and I accepted it and joined now ,For this opportunity and my joining dates with regards

to inform to the company
Is it something like a formal letter accepting the offered job, and letting the company know when you will be available to start?

We don't really have anything like this in my culture (UK). If you write a draft and post it, I am sure someone will be happy to help you improve it.
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I am intend to join my job on 19 August 2007 with reference to offered post after having a long procedures.

I want to say thanks as well for their trust on me that I am a suitable person who can justify the job requirements.

As i stated, it is joining of dept. on designated post

You could write something like this.

Best wishes, Clive

put your address and the date in the top right corner

put the company address below that, on the left

Dear Sir,

Please note that I began my job as a truck driver with Patel Products Ltd. on July 16, 2007.

Yours sincerely,

sign your name
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