There was a great entertainer. He was so great, there were never an audience that he couldn't amuse with his ingenius jokes an anecdotes.

One day, after the entertainers show, Lady Exmore, she was his ultralargest fan, was wainting for the entertainer at the stage door.

The Entertainer was happy to see her:"Lady Exmore! How are you doing?..."

But the Lady disturbed him:"I have heard you know the best joke in the whole world?"

The Entertainer said premonitory:"Yes, but thiat joke is dangerous! It is so funny, if you hear it you will laugh, and laugh, and laugh - untill your phrenic burst - then you will die!"

But Lady Exmore pressed the entertainer so long that he finally promised to tell her the joke - on one condition:

There would be a policeman present at the time he would tell the Lady his joke.

The Lasy agreed.

After the Entertainer told her the joke, Lady Exmore was laughing, and laughing, and laughing - and she died.

The policeman died two weeks after this happening.

P.S.: Please tell me your opinion about this joke(story)!

Thanks, LtdDPK
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Hi! Are we supposed to guess what the joke was?
I couldn't get the point, too. What was that??
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The policemen understood joke two weeks later... LtdDPK, you like black humour...
AbodekaThe policemen understood joke two weeks later... LtdDPK, you like black humour...
oohhhh! Emotion: surprise I get it now!
Since I'm not fond of black humor-it doen't make any sense to me..Anyway thanks for sharing..
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(O), that is so, I just catch the meaning hehehehheh
what is that joke?

in the battle ,you can use it on your enemy. you would be luck.
this is like Turkish humour too..Emotion: big smile
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