what's the difference between joking and kidding?
i want to know the implication that those words have
and the usage and
situations that kidding is more appropriate that joking, vice versa.

'Kidding' is more informal than 'joking'. It also sometimes involves teasing another person.

I agree with Clive. "Kidding" involves teasing the person addressed. The teasing may be directed at him personally (his habits, his accomplishments), or directed at his friends or his beliefs.

When you finish by saying, "I was only kidding," you may or may not be sincere.

"Joking" is sometimes used in the same way, but more often is poking fun at someone or something in a way that the person or people addressed will agree with - eg, the jokes of a standup comic.
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ahm im just saying dat there are no difference between them because joking is similar to kidding base on my own hahaha
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