Are journals and articles related to TEFL and TESOL available on this site?
journal of reading
English teaching Forum
TESOL quarterly
ELT journal
Modern Language Journal
Language in Society
World Englishes
find something on teaching english as a second language
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HI!I'm Chau Pha, an English teacher.I'm now writing a thesis about teaching reading through literature.Can you please recommend me some online related articles so that I can finish my thesis?Thanks for your help!
Chau Pha
I am interested in studying and doing researches in TEFL. Please send me the full text of your journals.
Surely you jest.
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
I am a teacher of English at the university of Sanaa/Yemen.Presently,I am doing a piece of research on how students are enabled to comprehend discourse that contains missing information(coherence).Thank you.

Dr.Khalid S. Kamis
Are there researches on the teaching of business English?