I've memorised this poem because I have to recite it at school: https://www.artofmanliness.com/horatius-thomas-babington/


Where do you think I'm from? Is my accent incomprehensible like some people say?

(btw sorry for the mispronunciation of proper nouns like "Volaterræ")


It's pretty hard to understand. I get parts of it, but some parts eluded me totally on first hearing. I guess it isn't helped by the fact that there are some unusual words in there too.

To me, your accent seems native-like at times, and yet still curiously hard to understand. In a couple of places I wondered if I could detect a trace of a German accent. However, it has been proven on previous occasions that I am pretty useless at identifying accents!


I'm from Poland and German is my second language so you were very close, but not quite Emotion: smile

By the way, what can I improve? I'm trying to learn the accent of South East England (because I live there) butfor the time being I keep failing Emotion: stick out tongue