But the White House insisted Monday that Mr. Bush did not intend to change gears. “Don’t expect us to lift a veil and have a whole different strategy,” the spokesman, Tony Snow, said. “We’re not going to have a strategy jumping out of a cake.”

change gears

lift a veil

jumping out of a cake

What does each of them mean??

change speed/strategy

lift a veil as a magician

Marius Hancuchange speed/strategy Less and less, some cars have "standard transmission", and the driver needs to change gears (from 1st to 5th these days) in order for the car to move at the desired speed.

lift a veil as a magician A veil is something a magician uses to cover the "project" while he is producing his magic.

surprise At a birthday party, or especially at a bachelor party, a simply clad girl would jump out of the cake to say "surprise".

My apologies to my friend Marius for using his post to explain, but it was the easiest I could think of to add to what you had already done a good job of doing.
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Wow thanks for your favor.

But would you exlain more?? I can't understand them exactly.

And, if you show me each example, I'll be very thankful for your help~:)
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greta wallahi i like them