This story written by Rudjard Kipling which had already made into a film is an interesting story and its plot is easy to understand especially for children. The author used foreshadowing as the technic in writing in this story.

Overall, it is a story about wolves and a human named Mowgli who lived together in the jungle. Mowgli who saved by a pack of wolves lived with them for a long period about ten years and they happy lived together. A tiger known as Shere Khan really dislike Mowgli since he was baby and Shere Khan was tried to kill him at that time. For years Shere Khan did many things to convince the wolves that they should kill him and make him as their food, but some of the wolves ignored what Shere Khan was trying to tell them.

After ten years living with the wolves, Mowgli thought that he should return to his origin and live like other human, but he promised to the wolves that he will come back to seek revenge on Shere Khan.

In my opinion, The Jungle Book is a good story and it suitable to everyone especially kids and teenagers because there are lots of moral values which can teach us to be someone who kind hearted and love to help other people. Besides that, the contains in this story told us that we should not hate those who not from our species.
Check your spellings (technique) and your verb tenses.

Thanks it was so helpful for me bcoz my exams are coming near and my teacher had given me a assignment to write a book review on the jungle book story thank you so much

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Are you writing a very good story and best of luck for new store good by and take care of yourself bye

I think this was a great book, I remember reading it when I was younger. Definitely great for those wanting to improve their English

It's a great book, I read it in Russian at school, and now I decided to re-read it in English on an online site where many cool free books .

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Helped me a lot in school assignments. Thank u