Did you notice all of these people asking for their essays proofreading? I mean, if you count them you can find more than 20 of them, that are almost the same; however this is not the important point, you see, if they ask for some help there's no problem.

What upsets me is the fact that most of the seems not to have really read the books...

What do you think that we should do? (I'm asking this mostly to Nona and Julie)
I was just ignoring them all as I was also finding them quite irritating. They are clearly all in the same class and I have asked one of them to explain their situation to me. I am now replying just to clear them out of the 'unanswered' section but I'm not going into much detail. those who have clearly only seen the Disney movie are being told that this is obvious. Most are now being told to

a) Please ask your tutor to teach your class about paragraphs.

b) Check spellings and verb tenses.

Those who have made a genuine effort and seem to be doing their own work are getting a little more help.
Yes, I noticed a couple essays where pupils seem to have worked (at least a little bit) harder than their classmates (I was thinking of this possible situation as well)... Did you notice the one where a pupil says that The Jugnle Book is about Tarzan? Most funny... Emotion: big smile