Pass through the poplars

Hang around the circles

Jump and see the beauties

Before the fox shows his mucsles.

Do not fall asleep during midnight

Just in case you may fing yourself in a fight

Give heed to your heart's tick

In order not to lose the courage that you need quite.

Wait for the sunrise to say hello to the Lion King

Be polite and compromise

Or else you may be knocked out in the ring

To dig a giant hole you can ask him for help

Bury all your sorrow,then you'll be happy till the end.

This is the jungle of life

The key of the eternal delight

Sing the jingle,feel the spell

As the King rings the party bell..

Wow, it's a lively poem , really. I like the jungle book and I love the jungles , though we lack the shadow of it here! As for me, the best part is this about waiting for the sun to rise, I do it when I feel like free but lonely, the rising of him fills the heart with spirituality, don't you think so? Emotion: big smile
I agree with u S.D. Emotion: smile By the way thanks for your nice comment.
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Nice one... Emotion: smile