Hi guys,

can you please answer my short questions? Many thanks in advance.

1) How would say in the other way:" This plant is globally affiliated". Truth be told, I have a problem to express the phrase "globally affiliated" in my language....
Can you please give me the synonym of this phrase?

2) What does it mean if I say that someone is into something? For example:" We were working on it and he seems into it... Does it mean that he liked it?

3) I'm just curious about the food called "Pigs in the blanket"....:-) Please why you guys in states are calling this food Hot-Dogs?...:-)
I checked wiki and it has nothing in common with hot-dogs..:-) What is the main difference between Hot-Dogs and Pigs in the blanket?

4) Again, I'm just curious...:-). Last time I asked about Santa Claus, but please, who is Saint Nick? What place he takes in the Christmas tradition in states? Who is he?..:-)
Does it mean that all Santas at your malls are being called Sant Nicks? Because at wikipedia is written that he is a helper of Santa Claus...:-). Can you please clarify me it?
We don't have Santa Claus in our country...

Many thanks in advance

with regards

1 - I'm having a few problems with globally affiliated too - any context?
2 - yes, likes very much
3. Pigs in blankets - they are not the same as hot dogs. They are a small sausage wrapped in bacon.
4. St Nicholas. Try wiki or googling it. Connected to the Santa Claus/Father Christmas idea but an alternative rather than a helper to these. Different countries give him different names and have slightly different traditions
When I look for "pigs in blankets" on wikipedia, I see a picture of hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough (or Pillsbury refrigerated crescent roll dough) and baked. This is what I would call a "pig in a blanket," although I suppose the name could refer to a variety of foods. So I'm not sure why, after checking wikipedia, you say it has nothing to do with hot dogs. The "pig" is a hot dog or sausage, and the "blanket" is some kind of bread dough.

The difference between"pigs in blanket" and "hot dogs" is that for pigs in blankets, the hot dog is wrapped in raw dough and baked all together. For hot dogs, the hot dog is steamed or grilled by itself and then put into a sliced bun.
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St. Nicholas was a priest and bishop who helped poor people and it is believed that the gave secretly money to three daughters of a poor man, so that they could get married. There is a St. Nicholas' Day celebrated on 6th December in the Central Europe. He gives presents to Children secretly (to the boot left in the window at night). Precisely, he is not an alternative to Santa or Father Christmas, because these persons are connected with Christmas. However, their idea is similar to each other.
As I know, the name "Santa Claus" evolved as an abbreviation of Saint Nicholaus (or a kind of American slang)
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Hi Nona,

I checked again the phrase and I did a typo here...I'm stupid, I should checked it first...It's not globally affiliated but Global affiliated....I would translate it like "World famous"...
Can you please confirm it or give me other synonyms? Anyway, I think it's true.

Thank you and I'm sorry.

Best wishes.
Hi Khoff,

Thank you so much for your explanation.