Sometimes i sit outside on the steps and wonder,if the sky wasn't blue,and light turned to darkness,would we even be alive to flourish like plants in the summer time.If all things that are evil never existed,would life have a equal balance,or would time seem to freeze while the children of the ghetto moved in slow motion.Sometimes it's wasy to imagine a picture perfect life when your out on the balcony saying to yourself"one day i'll live that life i've always dreamed about".Then reality sets in and,your back in the real world.You see it's actually the dreamers who make life interesting,because there usually the ones who end up making something of themselves.For the most part,we sit back and watch t.v,with time passing by without giving a second thought to the precious moments that tic away all day long.See what we seem to forget is that time is the only resource we can't control.It is our most vauble resource.With the right amount of time,we can accomplish anything.Now think about what i just said.There's nothing that can't be done as long as we apply ourselves,and keep a possitve attitude.As long as we give one hundred percent to everything we want to accomplish,we can't fail unless we don't make it to the end of our task.One thing we need to realize is that,there are people watching us everyday,and learningto do exactly what we do.They are our children,little brothers,cousins,neices,and nephews.Their following in our foot steps,cause no matter what they learn in school,we are their teachers,and if were not careful,their gonna pick up some very nasty habbits.All i'm saying is,their our tommorow,so think about our tommorow today.

This is prose; not poetry.
prose with a dash of poetry.. poey-proseEmotion: smile . But yeah it is prose Emotion: stick out tongue
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AndrewdustThis is prose; not poetry.
I love that poem.
andrewdust This is prose; not poetry.

Some poets do that. Still annoying to read, though.