Try Googling 'failure' with the 'I feel lucky' button.
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Take a look at this... some really funny stuff here:

[link] /[/link]
Mike In JapanTry Googling 'failure' with the 'I feel lucky' button.
I had written the same thing in the Jokes threadEmotion: smile
Cool. I read that one on a flight sim. forum. I guess jokes fly quickly - especially unusually funny ones! (zzzzzt ... Come in Ai r for ce 1 !)
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I wonder how Mr.president feels about itEmotion: smile
Aww, don't you be worrying about his feelings. That joke flew right over his head.
Lol, this is a good one!Emotion: big smile

Well....then.....George Bush(Daddy) is the Father of Failure...... Emotion: winkCool!!
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