Hi all, What follows is an essay I wrote some time ago. Read it and tell me what you think about it.

Just Little in Size

She is little in size, I must say that, but that is not the whole story, since this insect is endowed the ability of a giant animal. That is the fly. This six-legged creature seems too feeble and peaceful most of the time, except for those wild blue ones. I don’t like them because they are fearsome and a little bit larger than the ordinary flies.
Flies. It can be said that those little insects are homeless. You may find a fly sleeping in the sleeve of your hanged coat, or even hiding inside one of your shoes. The most amazing thing is that you may find a fly stuck upside down on one of the ceiling fan wings or anywhere in the room.
When it comes to annoyance, a fly is second to none. A single fly is able to take over the responsibility to drive a human being out of his/her mood. Her noisy buzz while hovering over someone’s head and her awesome tickle while cruising his/her limbs guarantee a state of restlessness.
I speak from experience. I always have a fly or, sometimes, flies in the sky of my room. I don’t know from where they steal into the room although I used to lock the room door tightly whenever I go out. Just for precaution. Inside the room, however, a fly has many things to do with me. Most certain is that she wants to try my patience, but she happens to lose in most of the encounters.
Her courage leads her sometimes to land even terribly on the tip of my nose- a kind of unwanted respect. The worst kind of irritation happens while I am reading and in need for tranquility and, thus, concentration. It seems as if she sweeps the lines in front of my sight. Consequently, I have always to spare one of my hands for waving around my face not offering her a room to land. That is all what I can do. Fortunately, my fly is not that able to drive me to will my Keepsakes as Emily Dickinson’s did. Mine is something of an indifferent creature. I discovered that fact as I spent some time running after her. She is a dependant, too.
Though, the existence of a fly inside the room irritates me very largely. Nevertheless, the amount of mercy that dwells in my heart disallows any possible sort of punishment. I will tell you why. I am certain that a single tin of insecticide is helpful to get rid of flies by causing a massacre- a terrible catastrophe, but this (I mean massacre) is a very harsh treatment that humans legitimatize to use with their fellow on earth. I can’t do it with so small an insect. Moreover, most of what a fly requires is a very, very small space to be considered in someone’s room. Less than 1 square centimeter, let’s say. The fly also carries a soul and has the right to share us life on earth, and that is a valid reason enough to me.
Flies have some remarkable merits, however. One of those merits is that with a fly I never feel loneliness, so to speak. The feeling of being surrounded by some soul-carriers, even flies, seems in a way to relieve my worry of being alone at home. In addition, I think that flies, as well as many other animals, are possible to establish friendships with, although I have never made one. If a fly accepts my friendship, I will make her a bed of roses and a house of sugar tubes. Moreover, if I were put in a situation to choose between a fly and a mosquito, I would prefer the fly to the other insect due to the explicit differences between the two creatures. Alas, that is what makes me accept her existence in the room.
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Hi Ali, it was a funny story though. Does that fly really make you accompany so that you do not feel lonely anymore? That was nice, keep up the good work,
Dear LanguageLover,

How do you do? I hope you are fine.
Actually we all language lovers! Take it easy.
Thank you for your reply. Flies are sometimes good friends, believe me. But I don't like tse-tse flies.
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So I guess there are lots of them where you live, and that made you to write this piece! Any other animals that you can make friend with?
Hi Language Lover,
No, not that way. There are some, but they are peaceful most of the time. I used to pity them, since it seems no one like them. Most people try to kill them in a way or another. I daresay that they have the right to live liue us. What do you think?
Regardin the second question, I would say yes. Otherwise, you would not hear of pets. I myself like pigeons and hens. I used to keep them in my houseyard for a long time.
Hi Ali,
Though I think that they have the very right to live, I do like to get rid of some of them, like cockroches! (You've guessed my sex by now!) I know that every creature has a place in the life's cicly, but I wish it was possible to keep them out from unwanted places! Pests out of the farms, mice and rats out of the city,... Ha ha.
Tell me about yourcity and country, if you don't mind. I live in the UAE (I am not an Arab myself), here, even among the Arabs, Saudis are infamous for some strange things, like not to obey the driving rules, and even the police dare not to talk to them,... I know it's kind of exageration, and you can find both well-behaved and misbehaved people anywhere. And I believe that you belong to the first group, since you seem to be very kind-hearted. Just out of my curiosity, I'd like to hear some from a local. Another question: how often do you residents of Mecca go to Ka'ba?
I am also impressed by your English, since locals here usually do not speak English very well! I've been to Oman too, there, it sounded to me that people spoke English better than here! What about the KSA? I know that there are lots of foreigners there too, and you have to find a way to communicate! Or, may be they learn Arabic instead!
Anyway, nice chatting with you, and hope to know more about each other's cultures!
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Hi Lover,
Well, first I would like to thank youvery much for your reply. I really like it, since it will add some knowledge to yours, I hope.
You are totally right regarding getting rid of some animals or insects that like to take over the role of the intruder. That is exactly what I expressed saying that I didn't like those blue death flies and tse-tse flies, to name a few. But, look at the way we get rid of them. Don't you agree with me that insecticides are one of the silliest human products. I personally think that they ( insecticides) have no less effect on humans' health as well. It is silly.
I am from a small town called Al-Jomoum, some 30 kilometers north of Makkah. It lies on Al-Madina road. The town is nice and promising, since it links so many important roads. The sole traffic light in the town connects Makkah and Al-Madina; and Jeddah and Riyadh.
Regarding the strange things Saudis are infamous for, they are exaggerations, believe me. Still, I assure you, there is a considerable number of wrong habits among Saudis. The first one is riding vehicles from a rather early age. Violation of traffic rules without any need is another big problem.
How often do residents of Mecca go to Ka'ba? It depends. I know some people who used to go almost everyday. Other people I know, on the other hand, don't go to Ka'aba more than one in a year.
People of KSA speak a relatively good English. I don't know about locals of the UAE, but I think that Saudis can speak English as if native. I know some who speak very, very well.
Ooh, it seems that you have many questions! Jusk Kidding!

It is all for now, forgive me.
Thanks Ali for your note, and being patient with my questions!Emotion: smile
You mean they speak English without an Arabic accent? I can't believe it! As you know, the phonetic features are very different, so it really makes it difficult to neutralize! I rarely have heard an Arab on TV, except for the anchors and interviewrs, speaking English without his/her Arabic accent. The funny mistake that always makes me laugh is the use of TASHDID in for example "connection". But believe me, it's way far from the worst that I've heard. My En glish wasn't so bad when I first moved here, but I couldn't recognize even a word spoken by Indians! Now, I got used to it, though sometimes I have to say "What?/sorry,..."!
I think the government should have done a lot to make it possible even for the residents of a small town to have the opportunity to learn English! Or, may be the government has nothing to do with it, and its the youngesters' desire to be able to communicate with the global language. Either way, it's great.
We can continue our discussion in a new thread related to culture, so that other people who are interested can participate, or read our debate, shall we?
If I am asking too many questions, just say it! You know, you are the first person from that part of the world, and there are a lot that I like to know about your country and people! But it's ok if you are not interested, or if they bother you- I have to apologize in this case!
I also agree with you about the way we get rid of the unwanted animals! We'll continue later, ok?
BTW. I am from Iran, and I am sure you have too many questions about my country and people as well, it's also one of the controversial places on the earth!
Hi Lover,
How do you do?
Thanks for your comments, TASHDID again! They are almost agreeable. And I want to tell you, pal, your questions are brave. They will not bother me at all. I am kind-hearted as you know!
I didn't mean to say that my English is that good. Arabic accent is still there. What I wanted to convey is that I think Saudis, and Gulf people as well, can speak English to a further better extent.
I totally agree with you on Tashdid. It was one of my problems studying English. But, tell me how you come to know its name. Is it a Persian word, also? It seems that we will exchange questions. To what extent is Persian different from Urdu? Are there similarities?
We will surely start cultural discussions. It is better.
See you.
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