It goes up but at the same time goes down.Up toward the sky down toward the ground.It's present tense and past tense,too.Come for a ridejust me and you? Emotion: wink
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Let me give u a hint: swings and slides are it's close friends...
Seesaw ?
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Yep,good job Eargasms Emotion: wink

In what sport do the winners go backwards while losers go forwards?
Hi Dj Bueno

Good one , had me thinking for ages

Tug of war ?
DEFINITELY CORRECT Emotion: smile here we go -->>>

A word I know six letter it contains,substract just one,an twelve is what remains.
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Hi Dj Bueno

That would have to be DOZENS !
DEFINITELY CORRECT AGAIN Emotion: big smile here is an another one;

You answer me although I never ask you questions,what am I?
A Telephone ?
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