The maze (=a complicated and confusing arrangement of streets, roads etc) to justice
Another case is set to be lost as a ‘tragedy’ (=a very sad event). But the real misfortune (=very bad luck, or something that happens to you as a result of bad luck) is simply playing itself out yet again (=one more time after many others); a victim of rape may be well on her way to becoming a ‘disgraced’ (=to make people stop respecting you or your family, team, etc. by doing something very bad) statistic. Investigations are also unlikely to run their course (=if something runs its course, it continues in the way you expect until it has finished), as merely two days after it was reported, the crime stands eclipsed (=to become more important, powerful, famous etc than someone or something else, so that they are no longer noticed, overshadow) by motives of self promotion and politics.

A newly wed, 18-year old woman from Lodhran in Punjab was raped at the mausoleum (=a large stone building made specially to contain the body of a dead person, or the dead bodies of an important family) of Pakistan’s founder. She went missing on March 15 while on a sightseeing (=when you visit famous or interesting places, especially as tourists) visit to the tomb accompanied by her husband and some 20 relatives. The family had arrived in the metropolis after a visit to Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine in Sindh and on its return from Abdullah Shah Ghazi (=is considered a patron saint of Karachi and his tomb is located in Karachi), decided to make a stopover (=a short stay somewhere between parts of a journey) at the Quaid’s mausoleum. and has alleged that she was gang-raped by five employees of the mausoleum. The young woman, abducted at gunpoint (=while threatening someone or being threatened with a gun) by two men while she was waiting for her relatives at the gate of the mausoleum, claims that her kidnappers, who were later joined by others, raped her for 36 hours. She was recovered two days later by personnel (=the people who work in a company, organization, or military force) on guard duty at the mausoleummausoleum. The Superintendent of Police, Niaz Khoso, agrees that the rape took place in a storage room in the museum. The police say that they recovered pieces of stained clothing and hair from the site of the crime. Meanwhile, doctors who conducted her medical examination say that she was under the influence of what they suspect were opiates (=a drug that contains opium. Opiates can be used to reduce severe pain and help people to sleep).

On Tuesday, the victim is said to have identified the accused at the office of the resident engineer in charge of workers at the mausoleum. However, the entire picture has now taken an ugly turn as the case seems caught amid a crossfire between the police, WAR (=War Against Rape), PPP representatives and her own family. On one end, her husband has accused the police of shielding her violator, a claim supported by the fact that the accused was initially released as he is said to enjoy the blessings of a minister. But the accused was later arrested and remanded (=to send someone back from a court of law, to wait for their trial) into police custody by a judicial magistrate (=someone, not usually a lawyer, who works as a judge in a local court of law, dealing with less serious crimes).

PPP’s Shehla Raza opened another front (=the area where fighting happens in a war) by jumping into the fray (=an argument or fight) with accusations against WAR of having abducted the victim for personal glory. WAR, on the other hand, asserts that it was attacked ‘by many members of a religious alliance who surrounded the vehicle and physically assaulted lawyers and a social worker’. Police now claim that the victim has gone to stay with some relatives in the outskirts (=the parts of a town or city that are furthest from the centre) of the city until medico-legal reports are made available.

Ironically, the crescendo (=People sometimes describe an increase in the intensity of something, or its most intense point, as a crescendo)moth-eaten (=old and in bad condition) system, faces of what is an unsavoury (=unpleasant or morally unacceptable) war for publicity, has drowned the voices of the wounded and this case has begun to reek (=to seem very clearly to have a particular quality or be connected with something bad ) of the same fate as that of the murder of the newly wed NED (=NED university - murdered couple were graduates of NED) couple. The victim may be alive but is not very far from being overwhelmed into silence. She, essentially a victim of a moth-eaten system, faces a lonely, losing battle largely due to the absence of a strengthened medico-legal (=relating to both medicine and law) structure, an independent forensics (=the use of scientfic tests to solve crimes) department and a committed, amply (=sufficient) compensated police force. Justice, therefore, awaits another quiet burial.
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