Good day!
I like to have advice, because Justine now she eat saucige crude, not cooked, and i find change in her: she has the eyes more red, and sometime i not find her the night on the pillow near me.
and she eat more my fingers, and she lick me all the time?
Is it that it is normal?

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Threepod - it is NOT normal for a guinea pig to eat meat! Especially raw meat! PLEASE read this site: , or any book about guinea pigs, or talk to a veterinarian or someone working in a pet store, and learn what to feed Justine before you kill her by feeding her the wrong foods! We are worried about her! [:'(]
I wonder if Justine is a guinea pig. She sounds more like a hamster to me. Hamsters will eat meat, cooked or raw; and also egg; and they tend to bite, too.

And if her eyes are pink, well, she's probably an albino. Albinos look pink-furred too, sometimes, when the skin shows through. They're also pocket-sized.

Are you sure she's not a pink-eyed albino hamster, 3P?

Come to think of it...are you sure she's even a she?

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On the other hand, I'm suddenly reminded of Marie Prevost.

Keep posting, 3P. We'll be worried about you, now.

Ooh, yes, MP, I am sure that Justine is a lady!

Is it that that marie is an other guinea pig fluffy french?
Not quite, 3P. A slightly longer beast:

"...Marie Prevost, an actress who had a brief run of fame as a screen comedienne during the early to mid-'20s. However, her star soon fell when sound came in and her broad New England accent proved difficult to record. After a sad period in which the frequently out-of-work actress drowned her sorrows in alcohol and pills, she was found dead in her apartment in early 1937. The final indignity came when it was discovered that Prevost's pet dog, who had not eaten for several days after his mistress' death, had attempted to feed himself by gnawing his Marie's leg..."

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Good day, My Pd, i thank you that you always answer to me, but i not much very good in english, so i not always ubdrestand all that you say? There you speak of alcol, and clavados that is not alcool, all the bodys give calvados to the childs here, and i take not pills - it is pilule, yes? - No no i take not the pilule, i am one man! ha ha!

But i not ubdrestand that what the pet dog she does to the lady?
In the words of Nick Lowe, Marie was 'a winner/Who became a doggy's dinner'.

A lesson to us all.

I strongly advise you to take the pills, by the way.

I not undrestand, mPd...
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