Hello everyone;
I would like to ask you how we make sentences with "keep in mind" when we have a noun or noun phrase. It's obvious with a noun clause we say it like "Keep in mind that you are supposed to arrive on time", but how about the example in the title?

Keeping in mind your children's hobbies and interests, make your decision.
Keeping your children's hobbies and interests in mind, make your decision.

Which one is CORRECT? Both?
Thanks in advance.

according to[[ https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/keep+in+mind ]]

keep someone or something in mind

to remember and think about someone or something.

--Just keep in mind that it gets dark a lot earlier these days. I don't want you to have any trouble driving home.

keep in mind

To think of or remember someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "keep" and "in."---As you leave home, keep your family in min===both of which are correct, because it emphasizes your children's hobbies and interest or you must be remembered your children's hobbies and interest before you make a decision.
Elvan SENTURK Both?