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OK, I will pronounce. It is not and Americanism, conscious ... or indeed class (which is likely a more common differentiator).

Indeed. I might add that AFAIK the labels on the bottles always say "Tomato Ketchup", not "Tomato Sauce", and always have done.

I have pointed out before that, in Australia, Heinz sell two varieties (I can't really tell the difference): one is called "Tomato Ketchup", the other used to be "Tomato Sauce", but they have now changed this to "Big Red".

Rob Bannister
} Ditto here in the Bay Area. Schaub's Meat, Fish and Poultry (in the } Stanford Shopping Center) doesn't seem to call itself a "butcher } store", but I don't know what else you'd call it maybe a "meat } market", if that term hasn't been completely skunked. }
} Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I've ever been to a "butcher } store". A "butcher shop", sure.
How about a pork store like they have in Joeyland?

R. J. Valentine
"Woke up this morning .."
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Because in BrE "ketchup" means "tomato ketchup" by default.

That doesn't explain why "tomato sauce" wasn't used. We've been led to believe that "tomato sauce" is the usual BrE term for what Americans call "ketchup".

That's a bit like saying that the British never use "truck" for "lorry". It's just not true. On re-reading, I see you said "usual", which is a bit different. My feeling is that the terms are interchangeable.

Rob Bannister
} TCE is spreading.
We try.

R. J. Valentine
ObRon: NSS.
My experiences in Britain some years ago taught me that ... postwar foodstuff apparently of Continental 5C European (specifically Alpine?) origin.

Toast. You missed toast. Probably with Marmite or marmalade. And children tend to have disgustingly sweet cereal. Muesli is Swiss ... to pile on the stones if he breakfasts on these items. I usually just have toast with Marmite, or cereal.

I had cognac pâté this morning. Normally, I have salami. Still, my mother eats something that is very similar to muesli, but they've all got fancy brand names now, usually including "high fibre", "weight watcher" or "over 40s".

Rob Bannister
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A mustard and mayonnaise sandwich is absolutely delicious when you are eight.
A mustard and mayonnaise sandwich is absolutely delicious when you are eight.

My son preferred just mustard on his bread.

Skitt (in Hayward, California)
I agree. I would never have made that latter association.

Nor would I. I'd say "... what salad cream is to mayonnaise", but I'm not sure whether salad cream is known in America.

Interesting that once again Heinz sell both 'salad cream' and 'mayonnaise'.

Rob Bannister
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