I am Nora and I want to apply for the KGSP scholarship for pursuing my undergraduate.

I need some help with my study plan and I will appreciate your kindness to revise it and let me know how can I make a better version of it.


A. 한국입국 전 후 학위과정 수학에 필요한 외국어(한국어, 영어 등) 능력을 향상시키기 위한 계획

Study plans to improve foreign languages(Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor’s degree course

BEFORE and AFTER you come to Korea.

Growing up amazed by the diverse culture difference from all over the world and gradually influenced by their media, I developed interests in Korean, English, and Japanese. Achieving a goal, especially one as challenging as mastering foreign languages, requires much planning. Still, my primary focus, of course, is to become fluent in Korean, so I have developed a detailed plan of actions.

In preparation for studying in Korea for 4 years of bachelor's degree, the Korean language is essential. Thus, before taking off from Iran, I made sure that I acquired basic Korean language knowledge. I could not go to any Korean classes due to the fact that there were none in my little city. Only by using free online courses and the books I started self-studying. To evaluate my Korean knowledge I took the TOPIK exam and I placed level 2 by scoring 146. My Korean speaking skills are basic since I did not have access to anyone who can speak Korean to practice, but I tried my best to be able to have a simple conversation with the local people upon arrival in case I face with any problem.

Although I have already attained TOPIK 1, My goal is to be able to receive a TOPIK 6 certificate within the first year of Korean language training in Korea. First and foremost, I will attend my language training classes which will expand my knowledge about the structure of Korean grammar and improve my vocabulary. On the other hand, being immersed in the culture itself and having Korean friends will surely allow me to become a proficient speaker. Moreover, I will be active in the language exchange and culture experiencing programs, in order to improve my general language skill and adapt in the culture quickly.

As I was always in touch with English contents such as English animations, movies, and books, I had to learn English in order to understand them. I used the same method that I used for studying Korean to learn English. To prepare myself better for this scholarship I took the TOEFL exam.

Although I scored 100 in TOEFL, I am willing to enhance my English Speaking skill by communicating with my international classmates in the first year of my stay in Korea. Also, once settling down in Korea, I am going to start an English YouTube channel to record my life and to share my studying experience in Korea which can help a foreigner to get to know more about this country.

Another language that I am interested in is Japanese. After learning simple Japanese words and sentences through their animations, I taught myself Hiragana and Katakana. On the other hand, I only know a few Kanji. I hope I would be able to attend Japanese language courses or a Japanese community and excel in this language. After my Japanese studies, I would like to take The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JPLT). By the end of the first year, I will have TOPIK 6, JPLT N2 and also speaking English fluently.

B. 학위과정 수학 계획 (대학 및 전공 선택 이유, 학업 목표와 계획, 수학 후 계획을 기재하고, 진학 희망 대학별 전공이 다른 경우에는 분리하여 기술하시오)

Study plan for a bachelor’s degree course (Please state the reason you choose such universities and departments (or majors), your academic goals, specific plans (including timeline) to achieve them, and future plan after completion of your study. In case that preferred departments (or majors) of the preferred universities are different, please mention about them separately.)

The reason that I want to enroll Ewha woman's university is that it has the ideal academic environment for me as a passionate student and a feminist.
As a girl who grew up in a developing country, I always fought for my own rights. Reading about Ewha women's university and its foundation brought tears to my eyes and I felt emotionally attached to this university. I was truly amazed by the fact that how all the individual student of Ewha gathered together for educating and women's rights.
My long-term goal is to pursue my education in Media interaction design major because I want t to concentrate on a specific aspect of the field of animation. Media Interaction Design is an intense and rigorous program which gives me the opportunity to explore the design implications of emerging technologies and the evolving connections between technology, design, and the human experience. I found this major versatile and completely suitable for my abilities and future career
After finishing my first year of Korean language training, I will start my first term at the university. As a short-term goal, I planned to enhance my academic language skill in this year and focusing on the lectures. Also Getting to know about my major and my own abilities and potential is one of the priorities. Moreover working a part-time job will be great. It helps me to be involved in the society and finding a stable financial position as a student.
In the second year when I completely embrace my new life and gain enough experience, I will start my own YouTube channel to record my life. Sharing them on my page would allow me to help other people who are interested to study and live in South Korea. I will talk about my daily life and show how South Korea helps me to continue my studies. I will also talk about the challenges that I will experience as a foreigner and the ways to cope with them. Creating such these contents helps me to understand more about media and their ways to work on a minuscule scale. Having a YouTube channel will be an experimental project for me to reach bigger ones.
In the third and the last year of my studies, I will work on my thesis. I have an idea about bringing the Kushnameh: A 1,500-year-old Persian Epic about Korea into the animation world. It will demonstrate a series of events during the Silla dynasty.

After finishing my bachelor's degree I would like to come back to my country and pursue my graduate degree in Tehran Art University. Moreover, my main intention is to use my knowledge and experience that I will achieve in South Korea in my own country, and by creating animations help both nation, South Korea and Iran, to remain friends.

Fateme Sadeghi monfared 한국입국 전 후 학위과정 수학에 필요한 외국어(한국어, 영어 등) 능력을 향상시키기 위한 계획


Please post here in English only.

Fateme Sadeghi monfaredStudy plans to improve foreign languages (Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor’s degree course

Study plans to improve foreign languages (What are the plans to improve the English language? I would like for you to improve our spelling system. Many people in the past, such as Webster, have attempted to do this with only modest success. Webster succeeded in making American English spellings different from British English. That was not much of an improvement. It confuses learners.) (Korean, English, etc) required for taking a bachelor’s degree course

Fateme Sadeghi monfaredGrowing up amazed by the diverse culture difference from all over the world

That is not natural English.

Growing up amazed by the diverse culture difference from all over the world and gradually influenced by their media, I developed interests in Korean, English, and Japanese. Achieving a goal, especially one as challenging as mastering foreign languages, requires much planning. Still, my primary focus, of course, is to become fluent in Korean, so I have developed a detailed plan of actions.

Here is a suggestion for your opening:

I grew up in the Internet world, where I was exposed to cultures from all over the globe. This motivated me to learn English, but I was most intrigued by Asian cultures, especially those of Korea and Japan. When I was twelve years old, I made a goal for myself - to master these languages: English, Korean and Japanese.


Did you get into the scholarship? Do you have any tips?

- student B

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Hi my name is Amanda, I would be applying for kgsp undergraduate this year, I need some help with my personal statement

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world unfortunately, in my country it is not as developed as in some nations. I live in a country that faces a lot of political, socio-economic and economic problems and in spite of all its heartbreaking attractions in my country, the number of tourists and cultural that has been diminished. As a person from the younger generation, due to lack of investment in the Nigerian tourism sector and the drive to improve this sector in Nigeria inspired me to chose to study tourism in south Korea, south Korea is ranked among the top countries that is most visited by tourists in the world. With the help of media south Korea have been able to make their unique culture go global, in order worlds captivating the hearts of millions by their culture, with the help of media and national characters it has been able to boost its tourism and globalize its culture. It has always been my hope to study tourism in south Korea to have a touch of its unique culture, and also explore their culture within its natural environment. with the help of kgsp, I would be able to be a tour operator, that will engage in arranging tours for individuals in my home country, south Korea and also in other countries which will be able to foster a good relationship between this countries and also help in spreading of the Korea rich culture around the globe.
I belong to a Christian family with 3 children of which I am the last born, we are a peace loving family, I also lost my parents at a very tender age and my aunty was left to carter for me not until she died.my aunty has always been my greatest motivation because she has always been supportive and encourage me when I faced a lot of obstacles. I strongly believe that keeping a positive mental attitude and passion towards any goal, opens up many possibilities. My insatiable thirst for knowledge made me to enroll into the university of Nigeria Nsukka after my high school to study history of which am in my finals and would be graduating this year. During the course of my study I became more interested in improving the tourism sector of my country and so I choose to study tourism. It is my hope to be involved in the development of the tourist centers in Nigeria, so as to attract tourists to Nigeria, as south Korea also attracts tourist around the globe.
I completed my high school at daughters of divine love junirorate, currently I am in university of Nigeria Nuskka with which I will be graduating this year. History stirred up my interest in the field of tourism. The desire for exposure and deeper knowledge in the field is my drive to apply for tourism at ( university). In my course of studying I became a member of the rotary international club. Rotary club is an international service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. Rotary international have districts all over the world even in south Korea. With the help of rotary international in Nigeria we were able to put an end to polio in Nigeria. With the help of the club I was able to visit some tourist centers in Nigeria. It excites me to engage in activities that are challenge my problem solving ability. I was able to participate in a skill acquisitions program in which I was able to teach people how to knit and also how to prepare Nigerian local dishes. This activities was necessary as a result of wealth creation and crime reduction.
I am deeply motivated by the prospects of learning the Korean rich culture. The kgsp gives me the opportunity to have a life long expertise with the friendly Korean people, together with their natural environments. My country Nigeria share some history in economic growth of south Korea and also trading patterns. presently, Korea has helped in bounds of accelerated economic development and that it is an inspiration to my country. This is the chance for me to understand and learn the Korean culture of globalism and future development.
I chose Korea because it is the destination for technology and tourism. The Korean government has clear focus on its tourist industry in order to attract tourist from all over the world who come to Korea to see the tourist centers and also learn their rich culture. The Korean wave has led to impressive impacts for the entertainment industry, tourism industry and Koreas image. Korean tourism industry has seen a huge influx since the beginning of the Korean wave, as there was a success of 50% increase in Taiwanese tourists in 2004 when compared to 2003. This truly reflects Korea to be the top world leaders in tourists attractions and assures good quality education as well as cultural exposure.