1) kicking my feet up = sitting there and kicking...?

2) wanking = masturbating?


Ok, I have had a bad history of chairs. I am a large guy, 6 foot 5, 260 lbs and i enjoy leaning back in my chair. i have now broken 3 straight chairs from kicking my feet up and leaning back. they weren't just cheap or expensive chairs, they ranged from all price brackets. i spend about 8 hours at a computer a day (atleast) sitting at my desk playing games / programming / doing class work/ wanking/ etc. I was wondering if there was a chair that was known for its durability? Also is there a place for "big and tall chairs" like the "big and tall menswear" in the us? Any recommendations would be nice.

*edit: i normally buy my chairs locally from the best buy/ office depot/ wal-mart.*
1-- kicking my feet up = placing them casually on the desktop.
2-- Probably, but not necessarily-- the writer may have meant wanking = doing nothing (jerking off can also mean not doing one's job/task)
ranges/intervals of prices
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Would you like to explain what is price brackets for me?
Would you like to explain what is price brackets for me?
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