Invention of internet has altered the world completely, it makes our world smaller and smaller.Many families get broadband accessible . Now and then lots of people surf the net. Among them, kids are also not a exception, each day they stay in front of the flashing screens, long for the secret world deep on net. Some of them get addicted to the net, playing games,chatting and etc., at same time all sorts of unhealthy information on net affects the adolescent teenagers. What, when and how to instruct kids is on the minds of parents and educators, What are the best ways to go about it? I'd like to hear your comments.
Monitor their viewing in a tactful way and educate them about the pitfalls. Tell them what to avoid. Hopefully they will heed warnings. No guarantee.
You can also block some sites by changing the internet-options.
I don't realy know how to do it but it is possible.
Maybe another member of this site knows how to block "addult"-sites.
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Also it would be good to keep the computer in a location that is easy to see the screen from different parts of the home. If it is kept in a private area, it would be easier to hide what they are doing.
Thanks for your nice advice, but I am still at a loss whether some of your advice will work?
In fact, some kids are so smart that they can use powerful net tools to do whatever they wanna do on net. This is getting worse when the kids stay alone at homes, this kinda worry really grabs the concerns of lots of parents. at same time kids' self-control ability is too weak, so they are easily involved in something unhealthy.