Dear teachers,

'Kids told us which goals they want help achieving.'

The sentence above is from 'TIME FOR KIDS'.
For the full text, see the URL http://www.timeforkids.com/news/what-do-kids-know-about-health/11691
I can't understand what it means no matter how many times I read.

Can I translate it into the sentence below?
Kids told us, "Which goals do we want help achieving?"

Even if it is correct, I have no idea what it meas...

Thank you for your help in advance.

Best regards,

It may help to consider this.

What the kids said was eg "We want help achieving goal A, goal B and goal C".

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Hello, Clive

Thank you for your advice.

I seem not to understand the meaning of ‘help’.
Is ‘help’ a noun?

Are there any differences between the sentences below?
1. We want help achieving goal A, goal B and goal C.
2. We want to achieve goal A, goal B and goal C.
I feel that 'help' is used not for a speaker himself, but for other people.
So, I feel #1 is unusual.

In this sentence, yes.

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