the phrase "kind of" can be heard quite often in people's daily communications. Sometimes, it means to some extent; while sometimes it refers to other meanings. Could you possibly explain the meaning of the following several parts with this phrase? Thank you!

** Then as time went on i started to notice my chest kind of boucing up and down around my heart area i thought it was pretty normal it didn't hurt. Now i am starting to get like a dull kind of feeling along with it its also hard to breathe at times it bothers me alot i get this all the time i just try to relax it makes me kind of tired as well... so it's clearly visible through clothing and i get kind of a dullish feeling, I have like odd sensations towards the left area of my body from time to time as well.

It would be appreciated if you can give me more examples for each situation, but at least for "get like a dull kind of feeling", please say a different sentence.

Thank you very much!
#1, 3, 4 mean 'somewhat'.
#2 means 'type of'