Can someone tell me the names of different kind of pickles?

Because pickles are very regional and might vary from one area to the other. Would you please tell me What the kinds of pickles you personally use.

Thank you very much in advance
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In London, the usual pickles (excluding the many that come other traditions) are..

- Pickled Onions

- Pickled Gherkins

- Branston (a brown caramelised vegetable pickle)

- Piccalilli (also a mixed vegetable pickle but with mustard and turmeric, which gives it a bright yellow colour)

Regards, Dave
Thank you very much Dave.

Do you have a kind of pickles which is formed by the combination of

1. eggplant

2. carrot

3. vegetable

4. vinegar

5. Spices

If so, What do you call it?

Thank you very much for your time
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I didn't try to list any pickles from other traditions because I'm not expert enough (and there are too many!)

In an Indian restaurant here you would get Brinjal pickle, made with aubergine. That may be similar to what you describe (though I'm not sure if there would be carrot in it)

Regards, Dave
Thank you Dave.
Most common in California are Dill pickles and Bread and Butter pickles (somewhat sweet).
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Thank you very much Vorpar.

having looked at google image for dill pickles. It looks like a pickled cucumber.

Are they different?

Thank you.
I think it's safe to say that in the U.S. all references to pickles are references to pickled cucumbers. If it's not a cucumber, you don't say just 'pickle'; you say 'pickled [whatever it is]': pickled beets, pickled cabbage, pickled peppers, etc.

The three main types are

Dill pickles

Sweet pickles

Bread-and-butter pickles (Yum.)

Thanks Jim.

What are sweet pickles made of?

BTW, that's interesting that picklesis countable. What an interesting language! It's hard to imagine that we can count one, two, three pickles. Emotion: smile

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