Which one is correct?

What is the difference?
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"Kind regards" is correct.
"kindly" is rarely used as an adjective, and only when describing people.

Kind regards is correct.

'Kind' is an adjective so modifies the noun 'regards'.

Kindly is an adverb and cannot modify a noun.
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Kindly regards
I don't agree that kindly is adverb. You can find out in Dictionary. Actually, kindly is adjective. You can use both of them. However, it 's better to use kind. The reason for using is meaning.
Hi Anon,
You are perfectly correct--kindly can be used as adjective and adverb:

A kindly gentleman, asked me to kindly help him up the stairs.

Myself, i would send kind regards, but kindly regards would no doubt be just as pleasant to the recipient.

Sometimes language is all about what you grew up with. Getting your meaning into another person's ear is the important part, not adhering to the rules of grammar.

Best wishes,
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kind regards
kind or kindly what to put in a letter

Which one is correct?... Kind regards is correct.

What is the difference?

Kindly regards is rarely used as an adjective, and only when your describing a thing or a person.

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