how would I finish off a letter?

Dear X,


Kind Regards,
or: Kind regards
or: kind regards

that would help a lot. thank you:)
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Dear Sir or Madam,

The purpose of this letter is to address the proper ending of a letter. This letter is an example of the appropriate way to end a letter.

With kind regards, I am


John Smith
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To be fair, we shouldn't create complicated protocols -- as we'd be doing by advocating a capital letter on Kind "Regards". After all, people have enough to remember in the first place.

In fact, "Kind regards" is really just a minor sentence, a shortening of "I wish you kind regards." So there is no justification for upper-casing the "regards", but there certainly is for "Kind" since it begins the minor sentence. This is no different from writing, for example, "Good day." It may be a closing sentence, but it's still a sentence. Common sense is all that's needed.
Hi. Have you read or heard of this phrase being used before closing?

With best regards, I am.

Sincerely yours,


Thanks very much!
I have not heard of "With best regards, I am." But who says we must have seen it before to validate it? I have seen phrases in the same vein, such as "Yours faithfully, I remain ... "

I think there is justification in using whatever we want. To use the ridiculous, it should likewise be perfectly okay to say,

"Scratching my nose, I am
Sincerely everyone's,

Elvis Presley"

But beyond that, I would also say that the exact exampe you provided is flawed because of the period after "I am". Cleary this isn't the end of the sentence, and it would be impossible to convince me that the period belongs there.

Tired as hell, I remain,
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Well said, Dennis.

With kind regards,

With: Used as a function word to indicate combination, accompaniment, presence, or addition.
I like Warm Regards at the end of a letter but my question is: Is it suitable for business?
No, unless you are a close friend of the addressee.
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Kind regards is only written when writing a note or a memo - by any method (emails etc).

Yours sincerely to known addressees or yours faithfully to an unknown addressee are the the correct ways to end a letter as it is a formal method - whereas writing a note or a memo is a informal method.

Hope this ends the confusion which I see is in a lot of replies to this query.
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