how would I finish off a letter?

Dear X,


Kind Regards,
or: Kind regards
or: kind regards

that would help a lot. thank you:)
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... a memo is a informal method.
Hope this ends the confusion which I see is in a lot of replies to this query.
I sincerely doubt it, Anon.


Seems like "kind regards" is shorthand for the above example. I recently started using "kindest regards" as a closing and just accidentally found that it appears to be grammatically incorrect. So I realize that there's the argument that if you just put "Kind regards," you are stating that you are kind, but if you put "With kind regards," you are not. Very confusing.
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The last example is just horrible. For one thing, if you don't know the person you're writing to at all, you shouldn't use "Yours sincerely". Much better:

Dear Sir or Madam,
Yours faithfully,
John Smith


Dear Jane,
Kind regards,


Dear Mr Brown,
Yours sincerely,
John Smith


Dear Mr Brown,
With kind regards.

Yours sincerely,
John Smith
Do you mean "a tad presumptuous", rather than "a tad preposterous"?
In a more formal letter, just Regards or With regards, is used.

Best regards or Warm regards really means "My warm regards to you and yours."

There is no other closing after you write these.
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Personally, I wouldn't consider 'Regards' or 'Kind regards' as formal at all. Emotion: smile

Too funny! Denis, it is late and I am tired as hell. Your post made me laugh. Thanks for your humor.
I agree!
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Plenty opinions but no facts here. Personally I wouldn't dream of using "Kind regards" or any of its upper/lower case variants (but then I am an opinionated git). Should I find anything definitive I'll be back.

Peace and love,

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