You have a full time job and are also doing a part time evening course. You now find that you can not continue the course.

Write a letter to your tutor. In your letter,

  • describe the situation
  • explain why you cannot continue at this time
  • say what action you would like to take


My name is John one of your students in your college studying part-time Diploma in Computer Certificate(evening course). I would like to state that I am a having hard time keeping up with this course and I am afraid I cannot be able to continue this course anymore.

The problem is I am working full time job as a manager in Priston’s Hotel at day shift but, recently my work has been changed to night shift w.e.f next month . Because of the change in timing, I have to discontinue my course from next month.

Furthermore, I request you to partially refund me the fee as I take class for only less than two months. I hope that you will understand my situation and consider upon it.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


A tutor in the US is someone who gives private lessons. Generally, they do not give certificates.

In the UK, a tutor is someone that teaches very small classes. A tutor would know each student personally, including their special needs or personal situation.

You need to decide whether this situation is for the UK or the US, since the definition of "tutor" is different.

Sir/Madam is a very odd salutation. You know if the tutor is male or female. And they will know you almost as well as your best friend does. So "my name is John" is very strange.

Further, in the UK, the tutor cannot refund your fee. They do not collect your money; the school does.

Thank you for your correction