TCM remedy’s for the stomach pain has a long history, copious experience, unique methodology, a positive curative effect and a distinctive system. But at the same time, there exist some problems, e.g. the chaos of the names of the disorders, the uncertainty of the denotations and connotations of these disorders.

Are the above sentences grammatical and idiomatic?

Many thanks in advance1

TCM remedy for stomach painhas a long history, a unique system, and a positivecurative effect. However, at the same time there are some problems, e.g. the chaotic names and theuncertain denotations and connotations of these disorders.
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Mr M,

Thanks a lot for this precious polish you gave on my sentences. It's extremely helpful!

Best regards!

Sorry about the lack of spaces between some words, Maple. When you post in that format you are using, and I copy-and-paste, the spacing problems do not appear until after I post... and I often don't wait around to proofread.
Hi, Mr M, the lack of spaces doesn't bother me in the least; I can see your point, and by comparing yours with my own sentences, I've got the valuable information I was seeking. While in the light of you Sir's concern about the correctness of information, I feel obliged to say sorry for my typo of 1 for ! in my first post.

Thanks again and Best Regards!
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