We envisage Religare to be in the league of premium corporate houses like Tata Sons, Reliance, Birla in the near future. Unison of media activities under the corporate house delivers high ROI. All big corporate houses are parking large pie of advertising investments in media buying, so all corporate houses control it by themselves. The biggest expense on the balance sheet of an organization is of advertising, & media buying is the major chuck of the outflow of money.Hence, Centralised buying makes the problem of controlling large budgets easier for the marketing director. As all the high expense activities are controlled by corporate house hence centralized buying agency is the most important strategy for the brand development which is adopted by all the leading corporate houses. As it is better configured to maximise effectiveness, ensure value-for-money and help facilitate innovative and effective communications solutions
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By the corporate house
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Creativeguruhence centralized buying agency
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Creativegurufor the brand development
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Creativeguruby all the leading corporate houses. As it is better configured
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