We are changing to lead the growth, which we are witnessing at the blitzkrieg pace. As the saying goes, ‘Change is constant’, for us its not just the saying but a benchmark of success. We are changing to provide you with better lives for tomorrow. We are committed and determined towards the quality of products that fill your lives with happiness, and that’s the only thing which won’t change ever.


It would be totally ill-advised to use this term with so many bad historical connotations in an ad.
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Kindly rephrase it with proper connotations, its not ad, it's an article please help me to improve upon my writing skills
won't ever change

it's - it is (I think it was on line 2)

As the saying goes: "Change is constant". For us it's ..... or As the saying goes, "Change is constant"; for us it's not ..

which won't ever change.