Dr. Rajesh Talwar who was arrested on Friday for allegedly killing his 14-year-old daughter and domestic help will be seeking bail today.

His lawyer had filed two applications in the court. First, stating that Dr. Rajesh Talwar is asthma patient so he needs proper medical treatment. Second, is for bail, since the Police do not have any prima facie evidence against him.

On the other hand even the police had moved the court for seeking Dr. Rajesh custody. All the applications will come up for hearing today at a Noida court.

It would be interesting to see what stand court will take today. Although the police is saying that Dr. Rajesh is the prime suspect but they are lacking evidence for the same.

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Ah, I see. I was just wondering. Please don't take it too seriously.Emotion: wink Keep using abbreviations if you like. Emotion: smile

come on! I didnt took the way you thinking. I think its better to use full form because it will avoid my friends time by strolling in wonderland. Emotion: smile
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