There have been several complaints about the reception area where visitors to your company arrive. Your manager has asked you to suggest how the reception area could be improved.

Write a letter to your manager. In your letter,

  • describe the complaints that have been made
  • say why the reception area is important
  • suggest how the reception area could be improved


Through this letter, I would like to highlight some problems of our reception area that are complaint by the visitors.

Recently, I have received several complaints of our reception area . Firstly, there is a problem about the lack of facilities as for instance there is no desk to fill forms. This creates inconvenience to our valuable customers while filling up forms. Secondly, there is only one receptionist. In a big office like ours, a single receptionist cannot efficiently handle all our customers. This makes them wait for a long time in a queue and lose their patience. Finally, the space is small. As there always a large number of customers, it is congested for them to stand in such a small area.

As reception counter is important which shows image of our company, it is important to maintain it properly. I suggest that it would be nice if we put some sofas and a desks to comfortably fill up forms by our customers. Also, if we employ an additional receptionist and extend the area, our work will be done more efficiently.

I hope that you understand our problems and take immediate steps to tackle the problem.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,


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