I boarded a train from Mumbai heading towards Pune. I got the companions in the group of businessmen sitting next to me. They were discussing the future of politics in the country, debating about the results of forthcoming general elections. One said, the congress will grab the large chuck of middle class votes as they presented the populist budget this financial year won everyone’s heart. Other men instantly shot the words like rocket, he was of opine that all this is just a perception, that Government serious thinks about the middle class and poor of the country. Progress in only restricted to urban, so many farmers are committing suicides everyday, millions are still below poverty line, millions still go to bed without eating, millions struggle with their lives living with $2 per day. Other person nodded agreeing to his views. By the rime train chugs at the station, I really liked their conversations how time passed me I didn’t released, I reached my destiny, I disembarked from the train thinking they were politicians or businessmen
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I hadn't released

I hadn't realized

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realized is US English or UK English
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realized is US English or UK English

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